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Data Consumers: Where On the Spectrum Should Your Product Be

The most challenging step in creating a data product is knowing what is needed. Defining the characteristics, the complexity, and the audience is a very important step. Sometimes customers don’t know the horizon of options available to them. While reading “Data Fluency” by Zach and Chris Gemignai, I found an excellent spectrum of dimensions that can help a data consumer understand the complexity of their needs.

characteristics of data products

From “Data Fluency” pg. 50

I geeked out about this. I want to make a slider where the user could move it back and forth on these dimensions and get examples of what they would get. I’m putting that on my Someday/Maybe list.

If you’re struggling to define what data you need, or how you need to view it, contact us. We love this stuff.

Steps for Preparing for Managed Care [Infographic]

If you provide behavioral or physical health services for Medicaid consumers, you have probably heard about the changes to both systems. You may have even heard that you need to prepare for Medicaid Managed Care. What is managed care?

Managed Care is a term that is used to describe a health insurance plan or health care system that coordinates the provision, quality and cost of care for its enrolled members. – NY State Department of Health

What isn’t discussed is how to prepare your organization and staff for this change. What steps need to be taken? Do you have the infrastructure and right people in place to take those steps? How do you measure your achievements and outcomes? Are those the achievements and outcomes Medicaid Managed Care will find valuable?  CCNY, Inc. is here to help with an infographic describing the steps, and expectations to prepare your organization for Managed Care.


[PDF Version]

If you are interested in getting support in this process, contact us for more information.  We would be happy to help.



New York State Managed Care: Are You Ready? Get Your Assessment Here

While reviewing the NYS Medicaid Managed Care Kick Off Videos (Part 1 and Part 2), there was an interesting tool referenced on slide 78. The Managed Care Technical Assistance Center (MCTAC) has created an online readiness tool for managed care. Although, the date to participate in their data collection and dissemination has passed, it is a very useful tool for assessing your organization’s readiness, and identifying areas of strength and improvement. It is a five-page tool you will want to use with your leadership team and staff. Here’s an example, does your organization have an individual responsible for managing the Quality Assurance/ Quality Study expectations of MCOs? I hope you find it valuable in preparing for the future.

If you find you need assistance in improving your processes or procedures, let us know and we would be happy to help.

NYS Success Recognizes Arounja’s Value in Chemung County


NYS_S_LogoCircleTextOnly220_072214In their post titled, “Community Resource Mapping in Chemung County“, New York State Success, a four year Upstate New York System of Care expansion and enhancement project,  shares the reason Chemung County chose CCNY’s tool Arounja:

Ultimately, Chemung decided to use Arounja because of its user-friendly geographic map and the ability it gave service providers and community organizations to add or update information about their organization directly. This helped to eliminate the need for the county to routinely update it and addressed some issues with sustainability of the site.

Resources for Somali Immigrant and Refugee Families

ECHO, a group out of Minneapolis, MN committed to bridging the communication gap for Immigrants and Refugees, has put together some resources for helping families and behavioral health providers.   The video series can also be used as a staff development resource to help build knowledge and awareness of some of the cultural values & context that can assist with our ability to engage with the Somali Community as behavioral health service providers.

Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health uses candid conversation to create programming for television, radio and ELL classroom use about three important health issues.  More than 50 members of the Twin Cities’ Somali community were involved in this project. Below you will find links to the Mental Health Learning activities (in English) as well as a video presentation.

Egal Shidad: Stories of Somali Health Video [57min]

Egal Shidad: Mental Health- English Language Learning Activities [PDF]

Locally, CCNY is helping to facilitate a work-group made up of members from our immigrant-refugee community, ECDOMH system of care stakeholders and interested community members. The goal of this Family Voices Network work-group is increasing the accessibility and quality of culturally appropriate supports and services available to members of our community that originally hail from outside of The United States; often coming here as refugees.

This is a long term effort and we are very encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by our core work group members. Stay tuned for more news about this work-group as we start to work towards providing tangible resources, trainings, and workshops that are sure to be unique!  If you’d like to find out more about our work group please contact Duncan Bethel.

DSM 5 Brief Overview

FVN, News

As many of you are aware, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual  5 debuted in May of 2013, in this version of the DSM there were many changes.  Below you will find a FREE presentation/learning course about the DSM 5 brought to you by Realis Learning.

DSM 5 Overview