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Motivational Interviewing Prior to Discharge Improves Outpatient Treatment Attendance


Recently, the New York State Office of Mental Health provided slides regarding the importance of understanding, and preventing behavioral health inpatient readmissions. One factor discussed was the impact motivational interviewing has on attendance to outpatient clinic.

Randomized trial of 121 psychiatric inpatients showed that adding a one hour motivational
interview prior to discharge was significantly associated with attendance at first outpatient appointment compared to Treatment as Usual. (Swanson, 1999)

Our research has shown that an individual’s connection to outpatient treatment has a profound impact on their continued community tenure. Yet, behavioral barriers (feeling hopeless about the diagnosis or treatment, depression, etc) impact the likelihood an individual will remain connected to outpatient clinic. Motivational Interviewing (MI) can be an effective method for the healthcare industry to overcome barriers to effective treatment and engagement with services.

To learn more about this effective technique, go to the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), or the Center of Evidence-Based Practice page on MI. If you’re interested in gaining skills in this non-judgemental, non-confrontational approach to various forms of behavior change, check out the description of our online course that we developed with Dr. Jonathan Fader. You can sign up to take the course easily, and quickly from there. Also, if you’re trying not to eat cake, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Time to Talk About it training registration

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Creative Trauma Informed Care with Youth At-Risk for Delinquency and Gang Involvement- Payment Page

Thank you for choosing CCNY for all of your training needs.  By selecting Buy Now you will be registered for the Creative Trauma Informed Care with Youth at Risk for Delinquency and Gang Involvement Training. you will receive a confirmation via email from CCNY within 2 business days.

Creative Trauma Informed Care Training

Creative Trauma Informed Care with Youth At-Risk for Delinquency and Gang Involvement

News, Training

Training Dates:

Friday March 14th, 2014 9am-4pm


United Way of Buffalo and Erie County
724 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo NY 14209


Duncan N. Bethel, MSEd, Director of Training and Development, CCNY

Elizabeth A. Davis, MS ART-BC, LCAT, Consultant Trainer, CCNY

Target Audience: 

Western New York Non-Profit Agency Staff, Education Faculty and Staff, Clinicians, MSW Students, Family Advocates, etc.  Please note that the curriculum and delivery are appropriate for both clinical and non-clinical participants.


As a result of attending this session, participants will gain an awareness and understanding of the following:

  • Risk factors and protective factors related to delinquency and gang involvement for ages 0-18
  • The impact that untreated trauma can have when combined with systemic disparities on delinquency risk factors
  • The structural arrangement that can cause well-meaning systems/institutions to behave in a manner that produces unequal outcomes based on race
  • The prevalence of Mental Health Diagnosis found within the Juvenile Justice population
  • Differentiating between Chronic Depression, Clinical Depression, and  Double Depression
  • Differentiating between Trauma, Complex Trauma, Developmental Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD
  • Emerging interventions such as,SITCAP-ART(structured sensory interventions for traumatized children, adolescents and parents), which  has been officially recognized by SAMHSA as an evidence-based trauma specific program

Participants will also be given real life examples of applying SITCAP-ART and other creative therapies in both congregate and community based programs with youth impacted by delinquency and gang involvement risk factors.

This session has been developed to meet standards related to staff development in the following areas:

  1. Strength Based
  2. Culturally Competent
  3. Trauma Informed
  4. Social Justice Focused

Registration and Fees: 

General Public : $30 and registration/payment is available online, or you can download the registration form below and mail that and a check to CCNY. Sign up Here!

Erie County’s Children’s System of Care  employees:  FREE. Please download the registration form here. 2014 Creative TIC Registration Form

Creative TIC Training Registration Form

Please note that by clicking submit you will be taken to the payment page for this training.

Training Date- March 14th, 2014

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 Please note that this online registration form is for the GENERAL PUBLIC ONLY, if you are a member of Erie County’s Children’s SOC please fill out a paper registration form and send it to CCNY.
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Please note THIS TRAINING IS FULL.  Thank you to all who have registered!