WAY Program for Youth

The WAY (Work Appreciation for Youth) Program is available to assist the youth you are working with in reaching their vocational needs and goals, in either a group or individual setting.  If you are working with a youth who is ages 14-21, the WAY Program Vocational Specialists can assist in youth meeting their prevocational and community employment goals.

The WAY program provides the invaluable service of having someone to help with the following:

  • writing  your first resume
  • answering questions on an application
  • filling out an online application
  •  preparing for an interview
  • And MORE!

Please feel free to share these documents with the families you serve.  Please contact 828-7204 (Taryn Wilde) or 828-7038 (Sharon Cavanaugh) with any questions or if you would like information mailed directly to your office location.

More information about the Way Program