To Prepare for Managed Care, You Will Need to Combine Data on Fiscal and Clinical Performance

Jamie Stewart of Open Minds, a market and management best-practice firm supporting health and human service organizations, wrote an excellent article on the challenges for the Behavioral Health system, “Are You Ready To Be A Certified Community Behavioral Health Center?” He says,

The CFO’s biggest challenge now is finding a way to combine fiscal data systems with clinical performance management to produce the management data needed to hit payer-mandated performance requirements and manage value-based contracts.

In order to gather, analyze, and display this data, you may need to integrate data sets that are not connected to each other. For example, you accounting and fiscal management software may not be integrated with your Electronic Health Record in a way that helps you understand the cost of services. You will need not only know how well your clients are performing on clinical outcomes, but also how much those outcomes cost your agency to provide. 

Open Minds have several articles on this issue that may help:

If you need assistance in gathering, integrating, and developing dashboards to support this work, let us know. We would love to speak to you.