Paid Paid Vacation


This year, in order to support wellness within our agency, our company started a new Paid, Paid Vacation bi-monthly event. Every two months, we draw a random name from everyone who is staff at CCNY. Once a name is pulled, that person must take two days off and they receive $300 dollars to use during that time. These days are in addition to their normal paid time off. The staff person must use the money towards those wellness days.

Amanda was the lucky winner of April’s drawing for a Paid Paid Vacation! This couldn’t have come at a better time for her, as she was planning on taking a big vacation in May, a cruise on the Adriatic Sea!

Amanda said, “While this vacation was really fun, one thing I was able to do thanks to the paid, paid vacation was go off-roading and exploring the Lovcen National Forest in Montenegro.

Below are some pictures of the stunning view of the Bay of Kotor from the National Forest, as well as a sign in a small village inside the forest, and me standing close to the top of one of the peaks.”