New Year, New Arounja!


Have you ever noticed that when you’re sick, tired, and upset, even the most trivial tasks and interactions can seem overwhelming?  Being poor causes and exacerbates stress, which in turn damages your physical and emotional health.  Many Americans are only a missed paycheck or unexpected medical bill away from hunger and homelessness.  CCNY and Americorps want to help because life shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be this fraught with uncertainty and instability.

If you don’t have to constantly worry where the next meal is coming from or whether you can afford a babysitter, that’s more energy you have for finding a job, finishing your homework, starting your own business— you know, actually living your life.

We understand that it can be frustrating and time-consuming for the average person struggling to get by to seek out aid.  To that end, CCNY are pleased to unveil (a new and improved) Arounja whose purpose is to put that power directly in your hands.  You just type in what you need help with, whether it’s food, domestic violence, education, legal advice, etc., and Arounja will search for what’s available within a given area that you specify.

Operating on the premise that you cannot teach someone to fish without first showing them what kinds of fish exist and where they are, our aim is to make Arounja an indispensable tool that even your elderly grandmother loves to use.   So give our latest version a whirl and let us know what you think!