Get to Know CCNY – Youbin Tu


Youbin Tu Photo Why is CCNY’s mission important to you? Exploring the rationale beneath layers of data is the most joyful thing for me. As a member of the dynamic group, I was excited to have lots of chances to encounter different healthcare related projects. I know we are not supposed to save the world but we are really helping people to live longer and happier.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Soccer is my favorite sports game since I was a kid, whenever possible, I will throw myself into the filed for a couple of hours every weekend until being completely exhausted. Besides that, I like to go fishing only if I could successfully get approvals from my beloved wife and two cute daughters.

What inspires you? Curiosity about mysteries in nature inspired me to solve puzzles, which makes me submerged in basic science field for quite a while before I joined CCNY. Now I am going to continue enjoying from solving puzzles but only for real social ones.

Why are you in nonprofit work? Working for interests could bring much more fun to me than just working for living. Besides, the working environment seems to be much more friendly and flexible.

What emotional reasons? I like our team, every member is eager to learn new stuff and to apply it right away.

Who is a hero of yours? My dad is always the hero in my heart, he is a great man and could an amazing variety of jobs, for which I would never have a chance to learn.