Doug’s Paid Paid Vacation


Last year, in order to support wellness within our agency, CCNY launched a new Paid Paid Vacation perk.  On a bi-monthly basis, a random name is drawn from a pool of full-time staff.  Once a name is pulled, that person must take two days off with an added bonus of $300 to use during that time. These days are in addition to their normal paid time off. The staff person must use the money towards something fun, i.e., not pay off existing bills, etc.

Read on to find out more about our one-man IT department, Doug Nichy, and his recent travels.

In August, my son and I went to the Woods At Bear Creek in Franklinville.  We enjoyed a weekend of camping, a concert featuring Metallica covers, BBQ, an ATV Dice race (we didn’t win any prizes though, boo), and fireworks.

It’s a really great campground complete with rustic cabins, RVs, and tent sites.  They have an in-ground outdoor pool overlooking the lake, restaurant/ bar, zip lines, and all kinds of activities.

Ethan always has a great time out, and it gets him off the computer!  The extra cash from the drawing helped buy extra snacks and gifts from the parks.

Afterwards, we stayed at Allegany State Park with Grandma and the dogs.  We had a cabin this time as I’ve been going here since I was a kid.  Swimming in the lake and visiting the Stone Tower and Thunder Rocks each time is required for maximum fun.

Click the image above for optimal panorama-ness.