Critical Research for Your Independence Day Party


Independence Day weekend is coming. We gathered research for Memorial Day and it’s just as important this weekend as it was then.

Are you prepared? Do you know which hot dog to buy and hot to fix them to make your guests happy? Are you sure? Don’t worry. CCNY has done the research. Now you have everything you need to know before you get to Wegmans, Tops, or Dash’s.

In the following graphs, the dark blue sections have the greatest number of the total response for each question. So, if the number of males who liked ballpark hot dogs was the greatest of everyone asked, they would be the darkest color blue. If a group was the fewest, they will be a light color green.

Which Dogs To Cook?

First, how do you know what to cook? It turns out, your best chance of getting it right is buy a bunch of Sahlen’s and a bit of Wardynski’s. If you have a large gathering, grab some Hebrew National.  

How to Cook Them?

Gas, charcoal, boil, or something else. Well, the data doesn’t lie. Charcoal is the one most people prefer. Of course, they are wrong – it’s gas, but everyone has their faults.

What if you live in Evans?

Finally, charcoal and Sahlens are the most favored choices, but are there differences based on where people live? Generally, no, except for Evans. If you live in Evans within Erie County, boil a Wardynski dog and watch your guest enjoy.

So enjoy your Independence Day weekend everyone. Grill some dogs.

Geekery about Evaluation Methods

47 respondents were asked a 4 question survey regarding their hot dog preferences, favorite cooking method, and demographics. Responses were collected for 10 days, and the form was posted on three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). All responses were confidential and anonymous.