Aggression Replacement Training: an evidence based practice designed for use with aggressive adolescents and children


Do you or your staff want to improve your skills in working with aggressive youth? 

Are there local professions in your community who could enhance services opportunities by providing Aggression Replacement Training?

Then, don’t delay. Please review the attached Training Announcement & Work Statement.  Submission of the Training Application has been extended to AUGUST 7, 2015.

The Erie County Probation Department is excited to announce the first of three opportunities to participate in Aggression Replacement Training, an evidence based practice designed for use with aggressive adolescents and children. Funding through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services has allowed our Western New York Regional Youth Justice Team to offer this well recognized training to our local professionals. The training session in Erie County is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 17 and 18, 2015.

We ask that you review the attached Training Announcement and Work Statement. Please discuss this training opportunity with others professionals in your county who would most benefit from and utilize this training experience and submit an attached Training Application for each prospective attendee has been extended to August 7, 2015. Space is limited to 25 persons and all Applications will be reviewed for approval. Remember, additional training opportunities in Niagara and Chautauqua counties are forthcoming.

Contact for details:

Michelle Olszowy | Principal Probation Officer

Erie County | Probation

1 Niagara Plaza, Room 63 | Buffalo, NY 14202

P:(716) 858-6629 | F:(716) 858-8194 |