The Social Work Leadership Institute’s Evidence Database on Care Coordination and Social Work Intervention Effectiveness

  • Online database to help scholars, policy analysts, and advocates in aging care stay on top of the latest research and innovations in care coordination and social work intervention effectiveness
  • The Evidence Database is regularly updated by a professional staff of contributors who filter, review, and catalogue articles published in professional journals both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Articles included in the database are catalogued along a number of dimensions to provide users with sufficient information to make informed assessments of the relevance, quality and outcomes of the interventions reported.
  • Features of the database include:
  • Basic and advanced search options
  • Print and Export functions
  • Searchable glossary
  • Grey Literature search from The New York Academy of Medicine Library
  • Domestic and international links to aging and social work outcomes web sites

The search page for the data can be found at: