SAMHSA Provides Online Courses on Evaluation


CCNY just loves the data, but we can imagine that there are people who don’t. We try really hard to imagine that – we really do. So, we found some amazing resources from SAMHSA to assist those who are less enthusiastic when they hear the words “evaluation” or “data”. Enjoy.

Evaluation for the Unevaluated: Program Evaluation 101

Perhaps the biggest question asked about the thousands of prevention programs out there is, “Does it work?” This tutorial will help you understand what program evaluation is, why it is important, and how to find a good evaluator. The modules discuss types of evaluation projects, evaluation tasks, and preparation for conducting evaluations.

Evaluation for the Unevaluated: Program Evaluation 102

This tutorial will introduce statistical concepts and explain how evaluation results are used. Good evaluations are essential to effective programs and the future of your prevention program. The tutorial also describes special challenges in evaluating prevention programs.

Wading Through the Data Swamp: Program Evaluation 201

Your funders want to know if your program works and so far all you have are piles of confusing tables and printouts from your evaluator. This tutorial uses a case-study approach to demonstrate how to use evaluation data and how to work more effectively with your evaluator. You’ll be given a variety of tools and a complete data set from a hypothetical evaluation. If you are not familiar with evaluation, you should complete Evaluation 101 and 102 before beginning this tutorial.