Training Team


An agency came to CCNY with time-sensitive, grant required training needs for their staff. The agency (customer) had recently dissolved their relationship with a previously contracted training resource because they felt their needs were not being attended to and the training content that was originally provided to them was “theory without substance, application or credible delivery” to paraphrase the customer’s reporting. The customer was extremely specific as to their need to have their team challenged in a way that promoted individual professional growth combined with strong team norming and performing.


CCNY’s training professionals worked with the customer to quickly identify, develop and provide a series of relevant, practical trainings for current staff. Topics such as community safety for home visits, overview of mental health diagnosis, suicide awareness and prevention and worker self-awareness regarding implicit bias were delivered in mixed formats that included both on-line and live didactic and interactive education methods. The agency’s Executive Director was able to guide the direction and objectives of each session, with CCNY responding to modification requests throughout the process.

Included in the training package provided were all the materials the customer needed to be able to continue using them as part of internal orientation and training, along with future in-house team learning activities.


Our customer was able to fulfill training requirements of their grant in the time frame needed using professional training experts.

Our customer had documented, reliable data to show funders and other grant stakeholders that demonstrated knowledge gained, skills learned and the value added to their team and program by contracting with CCNY to provide their training.

Our customer reports that the skill of the facilitation combined with the culture of the CCNY training environment provided the Executive Director with valuable insight about the individual and collective strengths and challenges of the staff and team.