Team Retreat


A local Community Health Worker Organization contacted CCNY to request that we assist them in coordinating and delivering a full day team retreat for their staff team. This was a return customer who was very frank in noting that they wanted to contract with CCNY for this service based on their satisfaction with CCNY’s performance in delivering a previous training contract. The organization noted that they could not make this retreat happen, within timeframe needed without having CCNY’s assistance with the majority of planning, coordination and workshop delivery.

The organization’s Director noted the following as primary needs:

  • Delivery of contracted item with a very limited budget and within a very short timeline for delivery.
  • Assistance and consultation with developing retreat agenda based on organizational goals for the retreat.
  • Development and delivery of a Self -Awareness and Self Care retreat workshop session to be facilitated by CCNY.
  • CCNY responsibility for securing and delivering retreat perquisite reading materials and all other supplies and resources needed to make the team retreat a success.



CCNY was able to provide the organization with an honest assessment that they would not be able to provide their team with the retreat they envisioned within the constraints of the very limited budget and very short timetable. CCNY did research and used creative solution finding prior to giving the assessment noted above, in order to have other options available for consideration that would still meet the primary goals of the organizational retreat. CCNY was able to identify and secure alternate retreat locations and supply options that gave the organization the ability to redirect a minimum of $600.00 out of location and supply costs and into related staff development costs for the day. CCNY was able to provide the organization with facilitation alternatives that also reduced costs associated with outside facilitator fees significantly; while still allowing the organization to meet all of their goals for the day. CCNY also developed and delivered an afternoon workshop for the retreat on the topic of Self-Awareness and Self Care.


CCNY was able to plan, coordinate and deliver a staff day long retreat that met all of the organizations objectives and kept them slightly under budget, in the end. The Self Awareness and Self Care Workshop, developed and facilitated by CCNY was very well received by the staff. The organization’s executive director and supervisors reported to CCNY that they learned much about the strengths and needs of their team due to the workshop content, delivery and engagement style of CCNY. The organization was extremely satisfied with CCNY’s performance and delivery of this contract. The organization also expressed a desire to explore future contracts with CCNY as they have found CCNY to be unique, in their experience, with respect to really listening to their needs and showing the ability to adapt and modify in process.