Quality Improvement Services: Process


A CCNY customer introduced a new policy into the day to day procedures of their front line staff. Unfortunately, while good in theory, the new policy unintentionally caused a shift in practice creating major communication barriers between the agency, staff, clients and collaborating service providers. The customer called CCNY and asked for assistance to (1) assess the impact of the new policy on staff practice and client outcome, (2) identify the root cause of the communication breakdown and (2) facilitate a quality improvement project to remove barriers and improve the quality and timeliness of written and verbal communication.


CCNY’s Quality Improvement team worked with the customer to complete an assessment of the policy implementation and unintended consequences. The team facilitated a guided group process through which the customer was able to identify where the communication breakdown was occurring and why, what information needed to be communicated in what format and frequency and which stakeholders needed what communication. We completed a process map of the current state and the ideal process and then did a cross walk of the two to identify the barriers, opportunities for improvement and performance management check-points. A solid quality improvement plan was prepared and executed.

Tools and skills used included: root cause analyses, process mapping, group process facilitation, quality improvement project management


Ultimately, the customer was able to revise the policy based on feedback obtained through the analysis and process mapping exercises. Routine data collection and analysis of the outcomes and outputs from the new process demonstrated an improvement in the quality and timeliness of both verbal and written communication between staff, clients and collaborating service providers.