Evaluation, Data and Coaching


A local affiliate from a large national organization contracted with CCNY to conduct an evaluation of an intervention for grant fulfillment purposes. As happens, the grant proposal that had been approved was written by the organization prior to contracting for evaluation services, this included the evaluation portion of the proposal. When CCNY came to the table we were met with an approved evaluation plan that included over 22 measures at multiple time points throughout a school calendar year. Although a high number of measures were indicated in the proposal, initial review of the intended outcomes (what was to be measured) evidenced that the measures were not adequate to look at the outcomes for this intervention.


As an agency, CCNY employs individuals with measurement expertise. A review of all existing measures was conducted to determine which questions directly related to the outcomes of the intervention. CCNY spent time observing the intervention at each program location to connect the actual practice back to the requirements of the grant. With all of this information gathered, CCNY was able to develop a streamlined measurement program and process for the local organization. CCNY also worked with our customer as a coach with regards to understanding and implementing program measurement.


Our customer was able to implement the new measurement program at all locations. The results of the new measurement program allowed CCNY to report back to the customer valuable information that speaks directly to the core values of the intervention and the intended outcomes of the grant.

Our customer reports that the coaching that they have received along the way regarding measurement has allowed them to think differently across all of their programs. Working together, the customer and CCNY have continued to develop a measurement program for this agency that is robust and compact. Instead of giving 22 separate measures, only 2 are now needed, reducing both cost (printing, entering data, administering measures, time from program) and time required for measurement.