Looking for a Trainer (Part Time)


CCNY is hiring for a part time Trainer to join its team.  This position is responsible for providing high high fidelity wraparound training and support to Erie County Children’s System of Care (CSOC).

Other duties are as follows:

  • Deliver high fidelity wraparound training both independently and/or with co-trainer support
    • 30 hours per pay period (approx. 60 hours per month) to include 2 (3-day) trainings per month plus additional meetings with training team, preparation time and analysis/improvement
  • Obtain and/or maintain required training certifications as needed from OMH, OCFS, NWI (National Wraparound Institute)
  • Utilize CCNY, Inc. training resources to  meet instructional goals and objectives
  • Work collaboratively with CCNY training team to provide training support, including editing training curriculum, as directed
  • Attend Erie County CSOC collaborative meetings, as directed
  • Use known education principles and stay up-to-date on new training methods and techniques


The right candidate must have the following skills/qualifications:

  • Associates degree, preferably bachelor’s degree
  • 5 (+) years in training role
  • Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods, tools and techniques
  • Ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences
  • Exceptional organizational skills including the ability to handle multiple assignments and prioritize work
  • Ability to operate technology associated with training (laptop, projector, microphone, speaker)


This position pays between $18-$23/hr., depending on experience.  If interested, please submit your resume and a cover letter to



As a quality improvement agency, we are always analyzing our process, capacity and organizational structure to assure quality services with positive outcomes for our clients. To that end, we have done some re-organizing and new hiring so we can continue to provide highly responsive, highly effective services.

We are proud to announce John Rooney will be transitioning from being the Dual Recovery Coordinator of Erie County into a new role as Quality Improvement Manager for Children’s System of Care (CSOC) programs. In his new role, he will oversee and provide project management for all CCNY initiatives related to capacity building, reporting and quality improvement initiatives for the Erie County Children’s System of Care.

Amanda Schwach Zwirecki is now the Children’s System of Care Training and Support Manager. In her new role she will continue to provide management, support and technical assistance to the High Fidelity Wrap Vendor Network in addition to now also overseeing additional CCNY training staff slated to come on board in a few short months.

Brandi Collins has transitioned from Evaluator to Quality Improvement Coordinator. Her new role focuses on providing expert quality improvement facilitation, technical assistance and guidance to CCNY customers in Erie County, Washington, DC and New York City.

Finally, we are excited to announce two new CCNY staffers in the Data and Analytics Department. Please welcome our two new Evaluators, Caitlin Biddle, Ph.D. and Molly Ranahan, Ph.D. Caitlin Biddle received her Ph.D. in the Community Health and Health Behavior from the University at Buffalo. She has received many awards for her research in the field. Molly Ranahan received her Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University at Buffalo. She has coordinated research and developed evaluations to improve the lives of the senior population in Erie County. Both will be designing, developing, and implementing evaluation and research for CCNY.

5 Statistics about the Total Solar Eclipse


A map of the path of totality for the solar eclipseOn Monday, August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in several States. The Moon will completely block the Sun during the day and be totally obscured for a portion of the United States. That path of the total eclipse is called totality. Because we love data, we found some great statistics about the event.

1. 12.25 million people live in the path of totality.

Unlike people in Buffalo, NY, where CCNY is located, these people just need to step outside and look up. It will be hard to ignore. Annie Dillard’s essay on the Eclipse says it best, “Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him.”

2. It’s estimated 1.85 to 7.4 million additional people will travel within the path of totality on eclipse day.

Imagine 20 Woodstock festival size traffic jams happening simultaneously across America. That’s what has been predicted. Using statistical mapping software, US Census data and a road network model, the Great American Eclipse website analyzed who could reasonably drive to the path of totality. It’s an extraordinary number of people who may be on the roads to see this event on Monday. We geek out about mapping software so much we made our own.

3. The longest duration of totality will be 2 minutes 41.6 seconds at about 37°35′0″N 89°7′0″W in Giant City State Park, just south of Carbondale, Illinois.

See fact number 2 to understand why you shouldn’t try to drive there on Monday. It will be packed. Many people made plans to stay there in advance of the event. The hotels, bed and breakfasts, and motels have been booked in and around Carbondale, Illinois for months. The small university town has been preparing for the past three years for an event that lasts less than 3 minutes.

4. On eclipse weekend, flights to the seven major cities within the path of totality have increased 418 percent!

So you thought, “forget driving! I’m going to fly in.” Well, guess again. It will be costly and don’t be surprised if there are flight delays. Hipmunk, a travel planning search engine, did an analysis of the cost increase.

5. The next total solar eclipse is April 8, 2024, and the path of totality will be right over Buffalo!

If you can’t go on Monday, don’t fear. The path of totality will be over Buffalo and Niagara falls in 2024. The central line of the path, where it will last the longest, will be right over the outer harbor. How cool is that?!!



Let’s Talk Vendor Agencies


So you want to talk about Vendor Agencies? Great, we can do that! Usually when talking with people about Vendor agencies there are many more questions than answers.  CCNY’s Vendor Support Services Coordinator has put together a little FAQ on Vendor Agencies. Check it out!

What is Family Voices Network?

Erie County’s Family Voices Network(FVN) brings together families, community, and child serving agencies to help children and youth be successful at home, in the community, and in relationships.   FVN uses the evidence based practice of Wraparound for Erie County families involved with multiple service agencies (Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Schools, etc.) who need help keeping their children or youth in the home, school, or community.

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a family-driven, team-based process for planning and implementing services and supports. Through the wraparound process, teams create plans that are geared toward meeting the unique and holistic needs of children and youth with complex needs and their families. The wraparound team members (e.g., the identified youth, his or her parents/caregivers, other family, mental health professionals, educators, and others) meet regularly to implement and monitor the plan to ensure its success. Find out more

What is a Vendor Agency?

Erie County Wraparound maintains a network of Vendor Agencies who provide high quality youth and family focused mental health care and other services. Service needs are determined by the child and family team. Services may include the following:

  • Respite
  • Tutoring
  • Job Training
  • Skill Building
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Group Skill Building
  • Art and Play Therapy
  • And More

Are you interested in your Youth Services Agency being apart of the Vendor Network? Find out more

What does a Vendor do?

The job of the Vendor is to:

  • provide specific, targeted, time limited services to the identified child and/or other family members
  • directly support skill transfer & transition needs as per the Child and Family Team
  • be an active observer, reporting back all relevant information to the family, care coordinator & Child and Family Team

To get connected to Erie County Wraparounds Current Vendor Agencies through CCNY’s Vendor Network Directory that can be found right on our website.

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Get To Know CCNY – Doug Nichy


  1. What do you like to do in your spare time? Atv Riding
  2. What inspires you? My Son
  3. Why are you in non-profit work? What emotional reasons? Relaxed Atmosphere
  4. Who is a hero of yours? Google
  5. What’s something quirky about you? I can tell you everything about the aliens
  6. What’s in your coffee? Double double
  7. I will never be seen without…. A computer

Why is CCNY’s mission important to you? I enjoy the work we do, I enjoy helping people learn new technology.

Tell us about a project with CCNY you are proud of and why. All of our webapps, I learned salesforce quick and developed some of my own, I am proud of the support and feedback we have gotten on them.

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Critical Research for Your Independence Day Party


Independence Day weekend is coming. We gathered research for Memorial Day and it’s just as important this weekend as it was then.

Are you prepared? Do you know which hot dog to buy and hot to fix them to make your guests happy? Are you sure? Don’t worry. CCNY has done the research. Now you have everything you need to know before you get to Wegmans, Tops, or Dash’s.

In the following graphs, the dark blue sections have the greatest number of the total response for each question. So, if the number of males who liked ballpark hot dogs was the greatest of everyone asked, they would be the darkest color blue. If a group was the fewest, they will be a light color green.

Which Dogs To Cook?

First, how do you know what to cook? It turns out, your best chance of getting it right is buy a bunch of Sahlen’s and a bit of Wardynski’s. If you have a large gathering, grab some Hebrew National.  

How to Cook Them?

Gas, charcoal, boil, or something else. Well, the data doesn’t lie. Charcoal is the one most people prefer. Of course, they are wrong – it’s gas, but everyone has their faults.

What if you live in Evans?

Finally, charcoal and Sahlens are the most favored choices, but are there differences based on where people live? Generally, no, except for Evans. If you live in Evans within Erie County, boil a Wardynski dog and watch your guest enjoy.

So enjoy your Independence Day weekend everyone. Grill some dogs.

Geekery about Evaluation Methods

47 respondents were asked a 4 question survey regarding their hot dog preferences, favorite cooking method, and demographics. Responses were collected for 10 days, and the form was posted on three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). All responses were confidential and anonymous.

Guidewell Cancer Challenge


CCNY entered into a challenge to share innovations on concierge services for people with cancer. This was part of GuideWell Innovation’s Cancer Challenge. Although we did not win, we were happy to have been voted 5th and for having the opportunity to compete. GuideWell’s release discusses the problem, the responses, and the winners below. We offer our congratulations to the winners.

Continue reading

Western New York, Should You Uber/Lyft to Work and Ditch Your Car?


Ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber are coming to Western New York on June 29th. Having used both services in other cities, I’m so excited. I hate driving. I would love the convenience of owning a car without the hassle. Being a data person, I wondered what the yearly cost of owning vs. ubering to work be. In other words, can I get rid of my car and just digitally hitch a ride.I found a great website that gives annual costs for owning a car and insurance for a year. Since Buffalo’s fare estimates are not available, I decided to compare us to Green Bay. They have a similar pricing model as we do and similar size to Buffalo. Here is the annual cost of owning vs. ubering.

So, it looks like I will be owning my car still. A least I have Uber and Lyft for going out, watching games, and getting home safely.


For those data geeks who love the details, here’s how we came up with our numbers.

We used Green Bay UberX pricing which averages 22- 29 each way. We assumed a nine-mile trek to work every day for 48 weeks (2 weeks of vacation, sick, and other paid leave).